Course overview

The Master's Program in Finance is a 2-year post-graduate course open to Italian and international students, with a focus on quantitative finance. It is based on a collaboration among the Departments of Economics and Management, Mathematics, and Physics of the University of Pavia.

Students will acquire a full command of theoretical models and quantitative tools and techniques that pave the way for a rewarding career in finance. To this end, the Master in Finance lays the foundation for the understanding of advanced quantitative methods most commonly used in finance worldwide, but it has also an applied focus. Finally,  the program is designed to prepare knowledgeable and socially responsible financial professionals.

The course integrates the academic views and the expertise of finance professionals who have been consulted in the process of designing the study program.

The presence of courses, laboratories, and seminars held by adjunct professors keeps active and reinforces the contact with the professional world.

Besides learning the theoretical skills necessary to understand the reality of complex systems such as global markets, financial markets, and regulated markets, some courses include case studies and interventions by external experts, aiming to introduce the operational reality of companies, markets, and national and international institutions.

Moreover, students will receive support for the selection of internships in companies and institutions, both during the study program and after graduation. In this regard, the Department and the University have various agreements with companies and institutions. For some agreements and projects, scholarships are available.

Job orientation and placement activities (matching supply and demand) are carried out through a variety of actions and services with a mix of online and offline tools, collective and transversal actions and ad hoc initiatives for target groups' information, training and laboratory activities, individual specialist services, and consultancy. These actions and initiatives involve both students and recent graduates.