The application fee, payable online on the application platform at the end of the application procedure, can vary slightly over time. The application fee for admissions to academic year 2022-2023 is 35 Euro.

The tuition fee is divided in 4 installments to be paid within different deadlines. See info at this link: https://web-en.unipv.it/info-for/fees-and-fundings/

  • for European students 

    Tuition fees are calculated based on the financial status of the student’s family (ISEE indicator).

    Detailed info on fees and their amount according to ISEE range are provided at this link. Note that the contribution area (Fee area) of the Faculty of Economics is Area 2.

  • for non-European students 

    An annual “flat rate” for tuition fees has been introduced for international students, set according to the country of origin (citizenship) of the student and the type of course. Check your flat rate according to your country.

    In case of double citizenship, one of which is EU, the latter will prevail and the contribution fees’ calculations will follow the same rules as for EU students.

    It is still possible to apply for reductions from the flat rate, if your family financial status is lower and you don’t want to stick to the flat rate (see above info). The economic situation of the student’s family is estimated with the ISEE indicator (Indicator of Equivalent Economic Status) and calculated for each student by the university tax Office (Ufficio Tasse). In order to have the ISEE indicator (and the resulting fee) calculated, students with income produced abroad should provide some documents which must be translated into Italian and legalized by the Italian diplomatic authority. For detailed info on the documents required see here.