The internship aims at developing the student’s skills thanks to real work experience. 

Taking an internship is not a compulsory activity. However, it is possible to substitute an elective course of the first year with an internship (worth 3 or 6 credits), or even to insert the internship in the study plan as an extranumerary activity, thus gaining extra credits. 

Notice that  only  Double Degree Students (incoming and outgoing)  can have  a  longer internship (worth 12 credits) if they have an internship of 12 credits in their Learning Agreement, as per the agreements between the 2 universities.

A 6 ECTS internship must:

  • be selected in your study plan during the first year (replacing one of the two elective courses);
  • be no less than 400 hours and no less than 3 months;
  • be started and completed in the II semester of the first year;
  • be in line with  what you are studying in the Master in Finance.

Before starting, your project has to be approved by the internship coordinator (see Contacts below); without this approval, you cannot start the internship. It is necessary to appoint a  company’s tutor, who should provide a letter describing the job linked to the internship, the number of hours and total duration of the internship.

At the end of the experience, the company’s tutor should write a letter (on company’s letterhead paper) confirming the end of the internship, its duration and a brief assessment of the student’s job. Please, in order to approve the recognition of this activity,  send this letter to the responsible of internships as soon as you finish your internship.

You can find an internship by 

Internship opportunities may also be found through the Erasmus Traineeship programme. Please note this programme can only be worth 6 credits. Check info at the following links:

If you are doing an internship within the Erasmus Traineeship programme, follow instructions provided from the Erasmus office on internship recognition.