Before you start

If you are interested in the Master in Finance, you can find some information in our website. Here we summarize the basic ones that will help you organize the beginning of  your studies in Finance.

  • There is only one admission test for students with Italian Bachelor; it is usually scheduled for September, but we advise you to check the details in the ENROLL page and in the didactic calendar.
  • Lessons usually start at the end of September; you can check the details in the didactic calendar.
  • Attendance at lessons is not mandatory but is strongly recommended.
  • The study plan shows what are the mandatory courses. Pay attention to the choice between the courses of Real Analysis and Economic Models in the first semester of the first year. Economic Models is recommended for students holding a degree in Computer Science, Engineering,  Mathematics, Physics or Statistics. Real Analysis is recommended for students holding a degree in the other admissible classes. By attending the suggested course you will reinforce your background and fulfill the prerequisites for the courses of the next semesters.
  • We are organizing two precourses, for Real Analysis and for Probability (coming soon!). Clicking on the name of the course you will reach the Drive with the recorded lectures. We strongly recommend to attend these precourses before the start of the lessons. 
  • Look in advance for an accommodation. You can find some suggestions here.