Admission test

For students with Italian degree, the admission test consists of a written test with 30 multiple-choice questions. The subjects covered by the admission test are

  • Economics
  • Mathematics for Economics and Finance
  • Probability and Statistics

The admission test for the year 2024/25 will take place on September 12th at 9:00 a.m. (see the exams schedule). There will be no other admission test.

An exemption from the test is guaranteed to those students who have been awarded with a grade not lower than 95/110, or possessing at least 150 credits of exams registered in career and a weighted average of at least 25/30. 

Registration to the admission test takes place automatically when you enroll. The students not fulfilling the exemption requirements  must enroll within a few days before the test.

Basic reference textbooks for the admission test

  • F.S. Mishkin, S.G. Eakins: Financial Markets and Institutions (Pearson,  9th edition)
  • D. Luenberger, Investment Science (Oxford University Press  1998) [Part I, Chap 1-5]
  • P. Newbold, W.L. Carlson, B. Thorne: Statistics for Business and Economics (Pearson  2019)

Students who do not have a background in economics should also consider

    R.H. Frank: Microeconomics and Behavior (McGraw-Hill 2010)
    O. Blanchard , F. Giavazzi, A. Amighini: Macroeconomics: a European Perspective (Pearson 2013)
    O Blanchard, D.R. Johnson: Macroeconomics Global Edition (Pearson 2012)