Exams schedule

Exams are organized in three sessions: 

  • Winter (January-February) – 2 calls
  • Summer (May-July) – 3 calls
  • Fall (September) – 1 call

Each exam  can be taken only starting at the end of the series of lectures for that course.

You can view the exams calendar (pay attention to the deadline to register for an exam; usually you can register for an exam 20 days prior to the exam up to 3 or 4  days before the actual exam date).

Please see the instructions on how to register for the exam and check /accept/refuse its result.

You can register to an exam in Esse3; there you access to your personal web area (area riservata) in which you can autonomously organize the activities connected to your university career and profile, such as:

  • Monitor your career (libretto – university mark book);
  • Subscribe to exams and check results;
  • Print certificate (for instance, enrollment, degree, fee payment, mark book);
  • Access online didactic courses;
  • View course programmes.